2018 Match Dates

In 2018 Partridge Lakes Fishery are proud to be hosting qualifiers for the prestigious angling competitions across the complex. 

Below are a list of the upcoming big match dates at Partridge so you can put them in your diary! 


Fish O Mania Qualifiers

Saturday 5th May / Wednesday 13th June

fish o mania jamie


Mega Maver Match This Qualifiers

Saturdays 7th April, 19th May, June 30th

maver winner 2017



Golden Reel Qualifiers

Sat 21st April, Sat 2nd June, Sat 30th June

golden reel winner


Club Match Man Championship 

Friday 19th October

22852255_1716528015025070_1063478988540152629_n (2)


High Flyer – Partridge All Winners Final 

20th October



Annual Partridge Christmas Match

Thursday 27th December

Christmas Match 2016


Barclays National Bank Championship

Thurs 13th / Fri 14th / Sat 15th September