To show our appreciation to Angling Clubs for choosingto host their Club Matches here at Partridge Lakes Fishery we host an annual event..the Club Match Man Championship!

The Club Match Championship celebrates the achievements of the winning anglers of club matches held at Partridge Lakes. It is a PEG FEE FREE event and the £16 entry fee went entirely to prize money!

Congratulations to the 2016 Club Man Champion Craig Taylor who fishes for Tameside AC, Craig had a fantastic Winter weight of 84.12 lbs from Pine peg 9 and walked away with a brand new Preston Innovations Absolute Seatbox in white worth £500 and £220 cash prize!!!

Runner up Dave Darlington won a PReston Innovations Pole Roller and £170 cash, and third place Harry Fairhurst took home £120 cash!!

Not to mention the 23 sections prizes of £40 and a Preston goodie bag with a cap, pole float, feeder pots and more, 7 x £70 Lake Wins and the Preston goodie bag!


To book a club match at Partridge Lakes or for any more info please call 07469981743 to book for your club now – The price is £8 a peg for a club match booking.



Saturday 29.10.16 CLUB MATCH MAN CHAMPIONSHIP Results;

Held on Coveys 1 – 6 & Pine with 120 anglers fishing.

  1. Craig Taylor – Tameside – Pine peg 9 – 84.12 lbs
  2. Dave Darlington – Bratty’s Drawbags – Pine peg 13 – 66.06 lbs
  3. Harry Fairhurst – Toplock AC – Pine peg 7 – 64.03 lbs
  4. Harry Storey – Patricroft – Pine peg 5 – 61.13 lbs
  5. Baz Whittle – Bratty’s Drawbags – Covey peg 98 – 53.12 lbs
  6. Mark Davies – POHAS _ Covey peg 155 – 53.10 lbs
    (Winner caught on maggot down the track & pellet down the edge)


Click here to watch a video of the 2016 Club Match Man Championship 


The winning anglers from each club match were invited to fish in this years event which was held on Saturday 29th October 2016, we had 127 anglers booked on and a great turn out of 120 anglers fished!

Club Match Man Championship Qualifiers 2016;

1 Arden Anglers John Nugent
2 Arden Anglers Darren Bennett
3 Arden Anglers Dave Ebbrel
4 Bentley Crewe Connor Edwards
5 Bratty’s Drawbags Ste Physick
6 Bratty’s Drawbags Paul Jagger
7 Bratty’s Drawbags  Alan Worthington
8 Bratty’s Drawbags Dave Darlington
9 Bratty’s Drawbags Baz Whittle
10 Bratty’s Drawbags  Pete Young
11 Bratty’s Drawbags Mark Tregear
12 Bryn Hall AC Paul Wright
13 Burton AC Simon Stott
14 Burton AC Andy Underwood
15 Burton AC Eddie Battersby
16 Burton AC Steve Williamson
17 Clayton Charity John Unsworth
18 Connors Quay Dave Hodson
19 Crewe Mals Howard Parker
20 Cheadle Angling Club Mike Senior
21 Disaster Squad Carl Morris
22 Disaster Squad Derek Hartley
23 Eccles Rod Benders Paul Smith
24 Firtree AS Kevin Hayes
25 Firtree AS Alan Parkinson
26 Firtree AS Andrew Collinge
27 Firtree AS Lee Spivey
28 H.O.W.A.S Wayne Rogerson
29 H.O.W.A.S Wayne Rogerson
30 H.O.W.A.S John Mulqueen Jnr
31 Hagfold AC John Graham
32 Hagfold AC  Jack Harrisson
33 Heywood & District Simon Ashton
34 Heywood & District Greg Tremlow
35 Isaac Walton AC Adrien Berry
36 Isaac Walton AC Phillip Ross
37 Isaac Walton AC Danny Howarth
38 Leigh Ospreys Yestyn Sephton
39 Leigh Ospreys Becca Thompson
40 Leigh Ospreys Rubin Jones
41 Leigh Ospreys  Bailey Boydell
42 Leigh Ospreys Lewis Orange
43 Leigh Ospreys Oliver Lawton
44 Leyland and District AC Carl Durrant
45 Leyland and District AC Mathew Holmes
46 Little Hulton AC  Ste Hart (Rambo)
47 Lord Nelson AC Andy Mckenzie
48 Manchester Road Inn Damien Mearman
49 Manchester Road Inn  Jack West
50 Market Gate AC Mark Whiteside
51 OWLS Angling  Geoff Wyatt
52 OWLS Angling Mark Cartwright
53 OWLS Angling Andy Suthers
54 OWLS Angling Dave Spivey
55 OWLS Angling Les Steele
56 OWLS Angling Martin Kershaw
57 OWLS Angling Jean Steele
58 OWLS Angling Daz Newell
59 Patricroft Fred Wright
60 Patricroft  Dave Thornton
61 Patricroft E Brown
62 Patricroft Ste Sharrock
63 Patricroft Phil Coventry
64 Patricroft Brian Jones
65 Patricroft Harry Storey
66 Patricroft  Andrew Gerrard
67 POHAS  Neil Davies
68 POHAS Frank Clarke
69 POHAS  Alan Lamb
70 POHAS Rob Healey
71 POHAS Mark Davies
72 POHAS  Mick Astbury
73 POHAS Paul Croft
74 POHAS Rik Whatling
75 POHAS John Green
76 Poplars AC  Ste Brandwood
77 Poplars AC Danny Fitzsimmons
78 Poplars AC Mike Charalombous
79 Rainford AC Stephen Hunt
80 Reddish AC  Paul Slee
81 Richmonds AC Phil Clare
82 Rivacre AC Ian Lloyd
83 Rochdale AC  Rob Rigby
84 Rochdale Catholic AS Harry Fairhurst
85 Rope & Anchor AC  Martin Hamblett
86 Rope & Anchor AC  Mark Walsh
87 Rope & Anchor AC Dave Curtis
88 Ryderbrow AC Clive Garlick
89 S.A.S Angling Society Tony Wilson
90 South Manchester AC Phil Zahra
91 South Manchester AC Pete Boggiano
92 South Manchester AC Tony Webb
93 St Anthonys Ken Rutlidge
94 St Anthonys Ian McManus
95 St Anthonys John Osbourne
96 St Helens AC  Tony Worrall
97 St Helens Ramblers Geoff Twist
98 St Pats AC Mike Hammond
99 Swinton AC Steve Prince
100 Swinton AC  Bob Wrothwell
101 Swinton AC Frank Oakes
102 Swinton AC Ken Wright
103 Swinton AC Paul Crabtree
104 Swinton AC Andrew Crabtree
105 Swinton AC Roy Powell
106 Tameside Colin Rain
107 Tameside Darren Mottershead
108 Tameside  James Maguire
109 Tameside  Rob Foster
110 Tameside Andy Bell
111 Tameside Warren Boswell
112 Tameside John Horrocks
113 Tameside Eon Wilson
114 Tameside  Matt Snape
115 Tameside  Bob Redfern
116 Tameside  Alan McMahon
117 Tameside  Ronnie Bates
118 Tameside Paul Muir
119 Tameside Darren Gould
120 Tameside  Tommy Tracy
121 Tameside Dennis Jones
122 Tameside Alan Simpson
123 Toplock AC Derek Davies
124 Wirral Borough AC Billy Core
125 Wirral Borough AC Dougie Walsh
126 Wirral Borough AC Ricky Keeley
127 Whelley Ex-Services AC John McNicholas

If you have won a club match here at Partridge Lakes this year and your name isn’t on the list above, please contact your match organiser and tell them to get in touch with the PL office on 07469981743 as soon as possible and we can book you on!