Golden Reel Qualifiers 2019

In 2019 Partridge Lakes Fishery are proud to host 3 Qualifiers for the big money match fishing final..Golden Reel Championship! We will be hosting 3 qualifiers across the complex on Saturday 13th April..Saturday 8th June & Saturday 17th August! 

In the 2018 Final £62,000 was paid out in the final at Larford Lakes..
Winner of the final is guaranteed a massive £50,000, second £5000, third £3000.
In addition to this massive prize fund, section winners will also collect £1000 (payable to the finalists outside of the top 3 mainframe)
So in total £62,000 will be payable on the day of the final, and you have 3 chances to get to the final by fishing the qualifiers at Partridge Lakes!!

 Grand Final at Larford Lakes on Saturday 14th September 2019.

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