Maver Match This Qualifier Winner

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Congratulations to Chris Weeder Jnr for winning the first of three Maver Match This Qualifiers here at Partridge Lakes, he is straight through to the £70,000 final on 1st September at Hayfield Lakes!!

It was a close match across Coveys 1 – 6, Spey, Marsh & Ribbon with good back up weights and good section winning weights (see the Facebook Live Feed Winners Presentation for full results & weights)
Chris Maver UK NW Spotted Fin – Match had 105.11 lbs off peg 149 on Covey 6!

It is fantastic to have a local lad who fishes the complex multiple times a week qualify off his home venue, and congratulations to Steve Openshaw for a VERY close runner up position with 104.06 lbs off Spey peg 2!
Thanks to all anglers for fishing the sell out Qualifier of 120 pegs, there are 2 more qualifiers here at Partridge over the summer – see the Facebook Events for more info!