Raising Awareness

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Partridge Lakes Fishery would like to raise awareness of a few issues which are happening at ours & local fisheries..

FISH POACHING – The picture below of the fish which has been caught, trapped and put back into the water to keep fresh before being stolen from Bradshaw Hall Fisheries LTD. Please could we ask all anglers to keep an eye for any traps under their pallets, people acting suspiciously (usually with quite a few plastic/bin bags with them) and anyone using keep nets who aren’t in a match.
*Please do not comment any kind of racist remarks as we have plenty of Europeans who fish at Partridge & are very respectful of our fishery rules*

KHV – The deadly Carp virus has affected multiple fisheries recently, so could we please remind everyone to dry all nets and carp mats on the bank for at least 30 minutes before fishing.The UV light kills the virus and will help to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

LITTER & LINE ON THE BANKS – Please could we politely remind anglers on the complex, especially Holbar anglers, to throw their litter in the bins provided around the complex. Leaving fishing line and broken rigs on the banks can be very harmful for the wildlife as birds can get tangled in the line – see the picture of the coot’s legs that we found entangled last year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you spot anything you would like to report please contact the bailiff on 07950057613.