War of the Roses

It is nearly time for the fourth annual WAR OF THE ROSES MATCH!

This is the angling battle of Yorkshire v Lancashire!

The fundraising idea dubbed Wars of the Roses will pit forty Yorkshiremen led by Dick Clegg OBE (Team England coarse supremo )against forty Lancastrians led by Danny Sixsmith.

In 2015 Lancashire red roses championed the event, but in 2016 Yorkshire pulled it back and equalised. Not accepting defeat Lancashire fought back hard and lead with unbeatable first leg combined weight at Partridge Lakes which the Yorkshire team were unable to come close two in the away leg, so the rose once again was red…Will Lancs be able to make it two victories in a row in 2018!?!?

The first leg will be held on the Yorkshire Territory, Lindholme Lakes on Wednesday 25th April, and the return leg will be held at Partridge Lakes on the Wednesday 16th May 2018.

Draw 9.00am, fish 10.30am-4.30pm. £25 All in.

All match anglers are welcome to participate in this event please call to book your place..
Danny Sixsmith (Lancashire Team) 07917 320244
Dick Clegg (Yorkshire Team) 07534 267512